You Already Speak English?

Even if you speak English there is always room to improve – unless you are totally bilingual. And not many people are totally bilingual.

Be honest with yourself :

  1. do you sometimes understand the topic in question ONLY because of the context?
  2. do you sometimes use phrases like “yes”, “I see”, “I understand” to make it seem as though you are following and contributing to the conversation?
  3. do you repeat what the English speaker has just said to you so that you don’t cause a pause in the conversation?
  4. do you sometimes hasten the end of an English conversation because you feel out of your depth?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, there is room for improvement.

  1. do you sometimes choose the easiest verb forms or sentence construction or word choice when you know you should be / could be speaking at a higher level?
  2. do you sometimes change the flow of the conversation a little to be able to talk about a topic in which you are confident in English?
  3. do you know that you have bad habits in your spoken English – but can’t put you finger on them?
  4. Prepositions ….. do you suspect that you might use the wrong one at times?

If you answered  “yes” to any of these questions, there is room for improvement.

  1. do English speakers ever look puzzled over your pronunciation of a key word, or correct your pronunciation for you?
  2. do English speakers ever respond to a statement you make in English as though you have asked a question?
  3. do you say “zis”, “zhat”, “zhere” for “this”, “that and “there” or “zurty-zree” for “thirty-three”?

Guess what? If you  answered “yes” to any of these questions there is room for improvement.

Using the same materials, adapted to your level, we can correct bad habits very easily.

Did you find this page easy to read? Would it surprise you to know that the reading level of this page is perfect for 10-year-old native English speakers? This is a relatively low-level for adult mother-tongue and bilingual English speakers …..


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